Thursday, September 17, 2009
A Wee Bit Of Perspective(?)

Life as a kid is simple, straightforward, less complicated. Nothing needs much further thought. Getting stuck there would be, to say the least, stagnating after a point - life can only be rosy so long with the promise of toys and chocolate. Everything moves, everything changes, everything shifts. And you grow. You learn. You learn to feel, to understand, to know, to live, to love...

As you grow, everything starts making more sense to you. Times when something serious happened as a kid, and you didn't understand - suddenly the seriousness of such situations starts to sink in. Everything has larger horizons and deeper meanings. I remember showing a story I'd written when I was much younger to this uncle we knew, and I remember him telling me how I should observe people more closely...because my story contained very Enid Blyton-esque characters which were - very honestly - not very largely dimensional (Don't get me wrong, I love her books, but her writing was for kids for a reason). Only later did it make sense, when I started realising that there is more to anything than can be seen at the surface...that there is always more to discover about another person (because, yeah, humans are complicated that way =P). There always is, and always will be, more to discover in life.

People speak of going back to their childhood, of going back to when times were innocent and blissfully free of responsibility and feelings. I don't understand it, for I know more now than I did back then...feel more now than I did then...and I'd rather be this way than any other. I'd rather grow than be at a standstill. I'd rather feel than be unmoving. Sure, I've had my difficult times, been depressed and unhappy and lost...but at the end of the day, you're a better person because of all of that.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009
My Donkey =D

I am clumsy. I have a tendency to walk while kicking up a bit of dust...oh, and also a tendency to ruin my slippers very effectively.

He thinks it's cute.

I have this whole South Indian habit of resting my hand on my plate between spates of eating.

He notices it, likes it, and is amused by it.

I can be over-sensitive & get easily hurt at the stupidest things sometimes.

He always knows how to make me feel better, and never makes me feel bad about some of my dumber reasons to get upset.

When I get nervous, or worried, I get really tensed sometimes, and bug the hell out of him...mostly.

He still manages to calm me down, and make me laugh, and be all comforting. Not that he doesn't tell me I bugged the hell out of him too. =P

I have issues with showing that I'm upset or hurt. He's the only one I let in so much.

He is so honest, it makes me feel bad about my 'issues'.

I am slightly obsessive about the English language, and spelling, and grammar, and what not.

He is a donkey for thinking that I think his English isn't good enough, when, in fact, it is pretty darn brilliant.

My Hindi, I am sure, does not sound amazing to the North Indian ear. It is not really bad, but it isn't exactly great either.

He thinks I sound hot when I speak in Hindi. Something is very wrong with this boy.

*insert big stupid happee grin*

He is everything I could possibly want in a guy.

*bigger stupider happier grin* =D

He loves me.

And I love him.

Hee. ^_^

And now he is probably going to kill me for making him sound 'gay', as he will put it.

We shall now go into hiding.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

There are some times in your life you're just so happy. This is one of them for me. I don't completely know why I'm so happy. I just am. Everything is not necessarily right with the world I live in right now...but it's feels amazing, and perfect, and just so worth cherishing. I want to hold on to this time & these days...forever. But then again, if we just keep holding on, how do we experience so much more that might just be so much more worth experiencing?

The past few months have been nothing but eventful. Things I never expected to happen, things other people never expected to happen - have taken place...people I never expected to be so close to - have become so special to me. Life has been crazy and fabulous and weird and sad and happy and disappointing...everything all at once. There's a KT Tunstall song 'Hold On' that describes fate taking over your life perfectly -

Hold on
To what you
Been given lately
Hold on
To what you
Know you got
Hold on
To what you
Been given lately
Hold on
Cause the world will turn if you're ready or not

And boy, does the world turn! Hehe.

I am starting to realise I'm being sort of random in this post and that I don't really know where it's going. =P So I should probably shut up right about here...since I think I've said everything I really wanted to say.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I henceforth declare a certain person to be made up of an element of the Idiotic Table Of The Elements:

OMFuckinGodium (OMFG - 77)

Haha. Hilarious...check out the table HERE.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

I love this!!! Check it blog has been revamped, refurbished, redecorated...whatever word you want to use. =D Yay. I love my new template...and it is all thanks to Lemonade, who makes amazing blog layouts as far as I am concerned (and a lot of other people, I'm sure)...and ooh, is also a fellow Piscean. Hehe. AND is born in 1989. What more could I want? LOL.

Also, the image on top, is drawn by an artist called Kurt Halsey, who I discovered through the internet, and more particularly, Livejournal. He's amazing. And I love that something he's created is now part of my layout.

Plus, the title 'A dreamer dreams, she never dies', which comes from Champagne Supernova - a song by Oasis, which at the moment anyway, I think is one of the most amazing songs I've heard. It's 7:28 minutes long. Usually, songs that are of that length, tire you out by the end, and usually, while listening to songs of such a length, you notice the length of the songs so much that you just cannot listen after a point. However, this far from tiring, and it is so insanely awesome that it's impossible to notice how long it is. The line from the song, so perfectly fits me, that it's taken precendence as my blog heading now. =D

It's been a long time since I've posted an update. I don't blog half as regularly as I would like to. In ode to my new layout, I shall try (mind you, I say try) my best to keep updating my blog regularly.

Anyway, moving on...

Yesterday was so much fun. We - Sukanya, Neil, Dani & myself (Karishma was MIA) - met the usual spot...which would be that brilliant bench thing under Suku's building, which has served us so well these past few years. I tell you, that bench is one marvellous thing. Aside from the fact that everyone who enters and leaves the building stares at us, wondering what the heck we're doing there. Sooner or later, they'll throw us out...and then where-oh-where will we go?! Any attempts by us to try to go elsewhere for our meetings has been futile, so I highly doubt we will find any other place.

LOL. This just got me thinking...what if we meet up there even when we're like forty or something?! Oh my.

We told Neil about our wonderful movie. I think he liked it, judging by his fits of laughter every two minutes during the telling. Haha. All in all, I don't think we've ever laughed as much as we did yesterday. Also, Sukanya has very kindly declared me a loser because I'm leaving before her birthday, supplemented with an 'L' formed by her finger and thumb on my forehead. She shall live to regret this!!! Towards the end, however, Neil started discussing his theory containing bits and bytes and compression and what not. I understood some parts...but in sum total all I was, was totally confused and so not getting what was being discussed. The worst part was that even Dani got what was happening. So basically I sat there, feeling like a dumb blonde, and feeling it would be all too mean to interrupt this apparently stimulating discussion. Oh well, aside from that though, the evening was totally fun, so whatever.

I'll be leaving to Manipal in 9 days! I can't believe it. *sob* I don't want to go back!!!

Anyhoo. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows will be out tomorrow! But I shall be in Manoribel. Thankfully that means I won't have to sit around worrying over the book till Suku's done with it and is ready to hand it over.

I think I should leave now though. Getting some sleep before the trip is probably a good idea, seeing as we're leaving in the morning and I need to get up to pack. So I shall stop here.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Found this on Raj's blog. Felt like filling it up. So I did. Pointless post, with not much thinking to do. Always a good thing. =)

Smoked a cigarette?: Never a whole cigarette. But yes, I've had a puff or two.

Crashed a friend's car?: Now for that, I'd have to be able to drive. =P

Stolen a car?: Refer last question.

Been in love?: Quite possibly. Depends on your definition of love. =)

Been dumped?: Um. No. Thanks to never having had a boyfriend. Joy.

Shoplifted?: Does encouraging someone else to do so count? =P

Been in a fist fight?: If you can find me one person who can envision me having a fist fight with anyone...I will give you a Cadbury's Dairy Milk Crackle Chocolate Bar. =P

Snuck out of your parent's house?: Um. Never had reason to, I suppose. Always had enough freedom.

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?: Um. Yes. And it sucks.
BIG time.

Been arrested?: Riiighttt...SO happening in this getting arrested. No I haven't. Like duh.

Gone on a blind date?: Pfft. I wish. At least then I could say I've been on a date, blind or not.

Skipped school?: Yes, thank you, I have a life.

Been on a plane?: Too many times to count. =)

Seen someone die?: No. And I'm glad I haven't.

Been to Canada?: Does standing on the US side of the Niagara falls and staring
at the Canada horseshoe-y side count?

Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?: No. O_o

Been jet-skiing?: I wish. Hope to someday.

Met someone in person from the Internet?: Yup! ^_^ Colly Wolly Woo! And of course, the Westlife meeting thing...Shrutee & Natasha. Some day...I hope to meet Mani, Steph, Elinny, Gaya & Kiki too. =)

Taken pain killers?: Nope.

Flown a kite?: No.

Built a sand castle?: I spose.

Gone puddle jumping?: Ooh. Yes.

Cheated while playing a game?: Yeah. Duh.

Been lonely?: Yes. But just once in a while.

Fallen asleep at work or school/college?: Oh yes yes yes. =P

Used a fake ID?: Not really.

Felt an earthquake?: A very mild one, yes. It was kind of scary.

Touched a snake?: No. Ooh, but I'd like to.

Slept beneath the stars?: Yeah. It's a nice feeling. Though it makes you wish you had someone special to share it with. Sigh.

Been robbed?: Yeah. Unknowingly.

Been misunderstood?: Yes.

Won a contest?: Hm...yeah.

Run a red light/stop sign?: Refer 'I cannot drive and have never driven'.

Been suspended from school?: Nope. Not yet.

Been in a car accident?: Hm. Not really.

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?: I've managed a lot of ice cream, yes.

Walked the streets drunk?: Never actually been drunk. Tipsy, yes. A little high, yes. Drunkness...yet to come. =P

Had déjà vu?: Way too many times.

Danced in the moonlight?: No. Should try it sometime.

Witnessed a crime?: Nope.

Been obsessed with post-it notes?: Not really. But always been really fascinated with the idea of being obsessed with them.

Squished barefoot through the mud?: Um. No.

Been lost?: Hm. Yeah I think.

Been on the opposite side of the country?: Not really.

Swum in the ocean?: Yes. =)

Cried yourself to sleep?: Sigh. Yes. It's not a good feeling.

Played cops and robbers?: Yup. A long time ago.

Recently coloured with crayons: I avoid crayons at any cost. Hate them as a colouring medium. Though I definitely hate oil pastels more.

Sung karaoke?: Um yeah...I spose.

Paid for a meal with only coins?: LOL. Yes. Quite a few times, actually.

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?: Loads of times. =P

Made prank phone calls?: Yup.

Caught a snow flake on your tongue?: We need snow in India!!!!! We do, we do, we do!!!!

Written a letter to Santa Claus?: No.

Blown bubbles?: Ooh. Yes. Bubble blowing = LUFF.

Bonfire on the beach?: Hm. Not really. I remember sitting around a proper bonfire like thingy when we went on that trip from school in Riyadh though. That was hardly the beach though, thanks to Riyadh being a nice and dry desert.

Cheated on a test?: Oh yes.

Gone skinny-dipping in a pool?: Um. No.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Random Crap

You know you're an Architecture student...when you have a guy in class mock asking you out with a T-scale as a substitute for flowers, not to mention how other denizens of your class seem to think that when said guy does nothing but stick a long piece of tape on your neck, it is equivalent to bondage and kinkyness.

And also, said denizens do not fail to mention how apparently the secret relationship said guy and I have been having has finally been revealed for the world to see, and how we are apparently somewhere between being BF/GF & fuck buddies. Now reaaaaallllyyy. Not that this has any relation to being an architecture student. Or maybe it does. We're ALL evidently crazy.

This week's been fun. Kinda. I suppose. Shruti's party was fun. Correction: Shruti and Atishay and Sanal and Bhuvnesh and Deepthi George's party. Except Shruti's my closest friend the brain automatically attributes the party to her. Dancing was awwsum fun at the party, and it had a few too many high and drunk people, but that always adds entertainment. Entertainment is one thing guaranteed when you attend our batch's parties. Hehe. Bans and Maddy finally saw it for themselves at this party, as opposed to hearing all the archi class gossip from me. The best part of the party was Mohini & I doing our little sprinting sprees across the dance floor to escape from certain people. Ahem. Hehehe. Crazy is the word.

Now, I, was high...for sure. But somehow, two neat shots and one not so neat shot of vodka or not...brain a lil woozy or not...I don't end up doing much that is very crazy. Cos the brain still works, and makes me not make a fool of myself. Which is a good thing actually...not sure I'd even want to. But somehow I can't imagine myself acting crazy...I'd probably just sit there on the side and not provide any entertainment in the I'm-drunk-and-stupid-and-acting-crazy-for-everyone-to-see department.

But who knew, being a lil woozy in the head, actually helps to write decent diary entries. Which is something I haven't got around to doing in a while. However, I could hardly stop myself that night...that is, until the point where my head fell onto the pillow and I dozed off and my green pen made a nice big blot on the page. But I wrote a lot...more than I usually get around to writing...and two whole pages on a certain special someone. And everything I wrote was true. And somehow I've been able to write more freely in general since then. Weird.

I have now been newly christened 'Goldy The Goldfish' my other MILLION names aren't enough already. Thank you, Linden...not.

There is a stupid little brown grasshopper acting true to its name in my room...except for the 'grass' part of its name. *narrows eyes at insect* Go hop elsewhere, kiddo.

And now Bans is trying to kick the grasshopper out. LOL. This is funny.

I am SICK and TIRED of seeing rubbish scraps on my Orkut scrapbook. Facebook rocks my socks now, it does. I simply check Orkut because it is an obligation...and all I even get to dumbass-ish people telling me my album is nice and that my name is cute and that I am cute and that I should be their friend because apparently they're very friendly people and they have 'good feelings' in their heart and our 'lyks n dislyks' match and ARRRGHHH...whatever. Like I give a shit.

My mommy and daddy and brudder and aunty are coming!!! =D =D =D

They'll be here on the 7th of May...which isn't exactly far off. And while I've been having quite a few family members dropping by to visit this's never a bad thing. Family visits are always good. =) Ooh, and I'm getting new stuff too, because the only reason they're even coming is because Athai wants to meet me since she's come down from the States. =)

I love 'Gin Soaked Boy' by 'Divine Comedy'. I swear it, the WHOLE world should hear the song. It's awwsum. =D The words are interesting. Yes, that's the word. Interesting. And the song is just so pleasing to the ears. All swingy and nice. I can't believe how hard it is to find this song and download it. I'd been trying for months together. It was such an awesome feeling to see it in Tushar's list of music.

Signing off now...I've ranted enough crap for now. =)

- Goldy The Goldfish =P

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